Hiring the qualified adviser

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Selecting the best candidate to advise a student media program involves a range of considerations. Finding journalism teachers with the necessary background and training helps to ensure students will have the best knowledge and skills to produce quality products. Those products are created for an outside audience rather than just teacher assessment within the classroom.

Teachers with the knowledge who know how to create excellent publications help students be responsible staff members — ones operating with accuracy, truth and integrity

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Civic engagement and journalism

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Scholastic journalism repurposes the “3 R’s” as responsibility, reality and relevance – vehicles through which students learn and practice civic engagement.

• Responsibility means students will develop accurate, thorough, balanced and coherent content.
• Reality means students will pursue meaningful coverage that helps engage audiences with substantive issues.
• Relevance means students will create localized coverage that informs and empowers audiences to participate in their communities.

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